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Beginning with only a few students, and now to a many hundreds, today, from the past 14 years ‘RAJIV TUTORIALS’, with its sincere efforts and hard work has paved the way to progress and success.
Today we are proud to say that every year, most of our students have been scoring 90% and above. Success has been on the growth year after year.
We believe in educating and imparting knowledge to our students instead of enslaving them and burdening them with loads of work. We are committed to deliver ‘Quality Education’ to our students so that they develop interest towards the subjects instead of just rot – learning them, without even understanding.
We consider each and every student of ours, to be special and of equal importance. So we believe in innovative, modern teaching and learning methods, to meet every child’s need. We extend our complete support and guidance to our students and ensure that we are available to them - any day and every day..... As we always look forward to share our talents and expertise with your child.
On the more, we are overjoyed to announce the launch of our new interactive website for easier access to us. Also we are planning for online teaching to reach maximum students.
Above all, we are proud, honoured and obliged that with the grace of God, ‘more than success’, we have received the opportunity to impart knowledge and shape a brighter future of children, who will grow up to be the future of our society.